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In light of a shocking new find that could revolutionise the way we eat, this week, Luxe Models asks; why should you care about re-heated pasta?

The Dilemma of Food

Working in the modelling industry, as Luxe Models does, you quickly come to understand the dilemma that food brings to many people. You need food to stay healthy, but you need to keep in shape to shine in front of a photographer’s camera.

This leads many models to embrace the fad diet, and to cut out all their favourite meals. But what if you could have one of your favourite meals for less calories? Wouldn’t that be amazing? That’s why you should care about re-heated pasta.

Luxe Models Pasta

Get Ready for the Science

According to the BBC, it’s entirely possible that when you re-heat pasta, it becomes less fattening. No, we’re not yanking your chain. Basically, when it cools down the structure of the pasta changes; it becomes something called a ‘resistant starch.’

This makes it resistant to the usual enzymes in our gut which breaks down carbohydrates and releases glucose. Instead, it kind of treats it like fibre, creating a smaller glucose peak, which then aids in feeding the good bacteria in your gut, as well as producing fewer calories.

Leftovers Could Be Healthier Than Original Meal

This isn’t just a myth. Dr Chris Van Tulleken did an experiment to find out the merit of this idea. We won’t get into the specifics of the experiment – which involved giving volunteers hot, cold and re-heated pasta randomly for three days and measuring the results – it basically proved the theory.

Of the experiment, the doctor said: “We can convert a carb-loaded meal into a more healthy fibre-loaded one instead without changing a single ingredient, just the temperature. In other words our leftovers could be healthier for us than the original meal.”

Indulge Whilst Keeping a Trim Figure

Our leftovers could be healthier for us than the original meal; can you believe that? So that’s why you should care about re-heated pasta. Basically, it allows you to indulge a little more often and still keep a trim figure!