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Longstanding Luxe Models heartthrob Leonardo DiCaprio has been in our hearts for such a long time now – it’s becoming a bit of a problem. Ever since he rose to fame aboard a certain boat, we’ve been obsessed with the 39-year-old superstar actor. But with rumours spreading wildly about his future in acting, here at Luxe, we’re wondering what’s next for Leo?

Planning to take a “lengthy break”

Luxe Models Leonardo DiCaprioHaving pulled out of Danny Boyle’s up-coming biopic of the late great Steve Jobs, it doesn’t look like Leo will be in any movies in the next few years. He’s reportedly planning to take a “lengthy break” from acting, and will instead concentrate on different things.

Noooo! Leo, no more movies for the unforeseeable future, what on earth will we do with our lives? Sure, there’s a great back-catalogue of flicks to get stuck in to, but we want up-to-date, versatile Leo.

UN Messenger of Peace

Having recently spoken at the UN climate change summit in New York, it seems Leo may well be concentrating more on current affairs than films, and here at Luxe Models, that’s alright with us. If there’s any reason to put a stop on high-grossing movies, then it’s to help save the world (we guess).

Luxe Models’ Favourite Leonardo DiCaprio Films

So in light of Leo’s decision to put acting on hold for a bit, here at Luxe Models we’ve put together a list of our top 5 favourite Leonardo DiCaprio films – let’s remember the good times.

5 – The Departed – You weren’t expecting this one straight away were yah? Well, here at Luxe Models, we blummin’ love The Departed. It’s one of those films that gets you right from the start and doesn’t let go. It’s intense, fast, and even brutal at times, but the Martin Scorsese directed film is one of the best crime thrillers of all time, and it’ll keep you guessing till the end.

4 – The Beach – It sounds all good at first. A Beach, sounds beautiful! But Danny Boyle’s The Beach is a gripping and thoughtful piece of cinema which is both haunting and wonderful. And Leo’s got his top off for most of it so… you know.

3 – Inception – Was it a dream? Was it real? We’ll never know. But what we do now is Chris Nolan’s epic Inception is one of the most original and awesome films we’ve ever seen here at Luxe. But maybe it’s time to watch the end again. Or is it?

2 – The Wolf of Wall Street – One of Leo’s recent big hitters – another Scorsese flick – The Wolf of Wall Street is as brilliant as it is stupid. Money, drugs, banter, what more do you need? Well, a lot more really, but The Wolf of Wall Street is still one of the best films we’ve seen in ages.

1 – Titanic – Hey, we know what you’re thinking. “Titanic. So predicable”. But wait a second now, don’t judge us too quickly. Yeah, it’s soppy, lovey dovey and way too long, but Titanic is actually one hell of a film. You’ve probably not seen it for 10 year either, so you’ve probably forgotten all the good bits! So what are you waiting for, crack out the VHS (or you know, download it) and get fired-up for some classic boat-based drama.

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