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With the recent announcement that the Material Girl’s new album will drop in 2015, this week Luxe Models lists four things we know about the upcoming Madonna album.

Luxe Models are HUGE Fans of the Material Girl

At Luxe Models, we are huge, and we mean huge fans of the Material Girl. We were rocking the ‘Like a Virgin’ look back in the 80’s, we jumped on board the ‘spiritual fashion train’ she piloted in the 90’s, and we stood back and applauded, when she brought back Saturday Night Fever style in the 00’s.

So obviously, we were jumping up and down with un-abandoned glee when we found out recently that Madonna’s next album is due to drop in 2015. It means more daring fashion trends that are sure to take the world by storm.

Madonna Album Luxe Models

We Already Know the Following Four Things

But Madonna’s innate affinity with upcoming trends has always been tied to the music, which is why we know that if we want to figure out what she’ll come up with sartorially this time, we need to look to the music. Here’s four things we already know about the next Madonna album…

  • Song Titles: We’re far from receiving a track list from the album, but we already know a few song titles from Madonna’s sojourns on Instagram. With titles including ‘Messiah,’ ‘Rebel Heart,’ and ‘Bitch, I’m Madonna,’ we’re thinking she’s going to bring back bad-kid style this time around.
  • Killer Vocals: It looks like Madonna is harkening back to her ‘Like a Prayer’ days, as she’s set to include killer vocals from both The London Community Church Gospel Choir and Alicia Keys. Who knows, maybe some of the threads she rocked in the world-changing video are set to come back too?
  • Experts Producers: It seems like the entire list of the great and the good from the world of music production are set to feature on Madonna’s upcoming cut. Producers definitely involved are Diplo – who is set to prove a crucial player, and Avicii. With both acts penchant for sleek modern production, who knows what kind of fashion could come from these collaborations.
  • Disclosure Aren’t Involved: However one producer that is missing from the list is Disclosure. It was rumoured they were going to feature on the project, after Madonna posted a pic of her meeting the duo on her Instagram feed, but they have since denied the rumours. So, it’s unlikely Madonna’s going to be rocking any laid back indie fashion staples this time around!

Madonna’s New Album is Sure to Be Ground Breaking!

Of course, this is not all set in stone. Madonna has a tendency to surprise everyone, so we can never really know what we’re in for from a new Madonna album until the collection actually drops. Whatever she’s got in store for us though – musically and sartorially – it’s sure to be ground breaking!

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