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We’re coming over all catty here at the Luxe Models offices this week; why don’t you come and join us, as we list the best ever mean girls on TV.

We Have So Much to Thank the Mean Girls of TV For

Whilst flicking through various celebrity gossip sites last week, Luxe Models came across the news that Carly Chaikin has been cast in the Mr Robot Pilot. If you don’t know who she is, she’s the actress who shot to fame playing robotic, yet intriguing mean girl Dalia on US show Suburgatory. Watch it now, her dead pan deliveries are effing hilarious!

And once we came across this news, it got us thinking. We’ve got so much to thank the mean girls of TV for. Their fashion sense is impeccable – because obviously, it’s a crime to wear sweats on any day but Friday – their put downs are trend setting, and without them, however else would we have known that with a splash of Dynasty-like makeup, we can get a man to do whatever we want! But who’s the worst we’ve ever seen on the small screen?

Mean Girls Luxe Models

These Girls Were the Baddest Ladies We’ve Ever Seen

Mean girls come in all shapes and sizes, but in our opinion, the following five stand head and shoulders above the rest, as the best ever mean girls on TV…

  • Brenda Walsh, Beverly Hills 90210: Before there was Regina George, there was original 90’s mean girl Brenda Walsh on teen obsession Beverly Hills 90210. Played by the tumultuous Shannen Doherty, Walsh presided over Peach Pit with an authoritative demeanour we can only call shocking!
  • Blair Waldorf, Gossip Girl: Through Blair Waldorf in Gossip Girl, we saw the mean girl become a shows main character. As Queen Bee of Manhattan’s social scene, Leighton Meester’s character does everything she can – no matter how vile – to stay on top and keep her coveted social status.
  • Santana Lopez, Glee: Cheerleader Santana Lopez in US juggernaut Glee is the classic example of the mean girl who’s mean because she’s covering her own vulnerability. Played by the multi-talented Naya Rivera, the McKinley High cheerleader never fails to entertain and terrify in equal measure, with her iconic put downs and man stealing charms.
  • Victoria Grayson, Revenge: This mean girl played by the effortlessly talented Madeleine Stowe, goes to show that age is no barrier when it comes to chewing out your enemies with pin point precision. As the matriarch of the billionaire Grayson clan on hit US show Revenge, Victoria Grayson lets nothing get in the way of what she wants – which usually, is to find out just who the shows protagonist, Emily Thorne (Emily Van Camp) really is.
  • Tracy Barlow, Coronation Street: We had to come back to home shores for the last one, and there’s no badder girl in the British TV landscape than Coronation Street’s Tracy Barlow. Played currently by Kate Ford, there is no one more willing to get what she wants than Tracy – even going as far as premeditated murder – and she’s never without a hilarious put down should she need one.

Who Was the Baddest Girl Ever on TV?

So here our salute to mean girls on TV comes to a close. Do you agree with Luxe Models’ assessment of the baddest women to ever feature on the small screen? If not, who do you think the meanest lady to ever hit livings rooms across the land was?

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