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Luxe Models helps you avoid a stint with the fashion police this week, by letting you know which five pieces of clothing you should never be seen dead wearing in public.

There Are Some Pieces of Clothing Women Everywhere Should Unite to Oppose

Fashion is a complex thing. Trend come and trends go, and as they do, we all attempt to rock looks, that when we think back 10, 20 years later, we cringe at the very idea of. Then there’s the fact that we all come in different shapes and sizes. What would suit a woman with a glorious pear shape, wouldn’t suit one with a more svelte figure.

Luxe Models Fur Coat

Yet there are some types of clothing so hideous, so heinous, that women everywhere should unite against them, and protest them with a ferocity we can only call relentless. To wear one is to bring shame on your wardrobe, and with social media sure to document the moment, a piece of your history you will never be allowed to forget.

These Five Pieces of Clothing Actually Burn Our Eyes

Whilst there’s a whole cornucopia of fashion items you should consign to the charity bin, some are bigger crimes against fashion than others, and in Luxe Models’ opinion, here are the top five…

  • Poncho: Fashion is not about function; that’s what whoever created the poncho just doesn’t seem to get. The poncho is so heinous because it covers absolutely everything. You might as well have thrown a blanket over your head
  • Extreme Hot Pants: We’re talking, like, shorter than Kylie in the ‘Spinning Around’ video here. Short hot pants flatter no one. They cut into any excess flab at the top of your thigh, making you look like you’ve gone for a size too small.
  • Scrunchie: The one thing Luxe Models will never forgive the early 90’s for is scrunchies. They should never have been deemed cool, as they have the ability to turn any hairstyle into a raving mess of curls; a look that flatters no one except the kids from Saved by the Bell.
  • Velour Tracksuits: Whilst we accept the need to nip out to your local Tesco Express in your jim jams every once in a while, we have to draw the line somewhere, and we draw it at velour tracksuits. They’re just plain tacky.
  • Fur: Whether you believe fur is murder or not, you should refrain from wearing anything with real fur. These days, you’re bound to get flack for it. If you absolutely have to wear fur, go for faux, and wear something with fur accents, as opposed to something entirely made of the material, to avoid going overboard.

If You Think You Look Ridiculous, You Probably Do

We hope we’ve helped you along your way to making sure you never fall afoul of the fashion police and leave you with this one piece of advice to make sure you continue to do so. If you think you look ridiculous, then you probably do!

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