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With news of the strangest loom ban fashion item yet hitting the news feed last week, Luxe Models asks whether the loom band fashion craze has gone too far.

Luxe Models Were Among the First to Embrace Loom Bands

We’re no stranger to a good ‘ole fashion craze here at Luxe Models. We were amongst the first to get the ‘Rachel’ haircut back in the 90’s, the first to start wearing charity rubber bands when celebs all of a sudden donned them cool, and yes, the first to embrace loom bands.

Luxe Models Loom Band

Whether you like it or not, loom bands are hot right now. Even the Princes are wearing them. More and more, people have been using the craze to create funky fashion pieces that have got tongues wagging. Just recently, somebody actually went to the effort of creating a loom band dress; subsequently auctioning it off on EBay and making a mint.

Someone’s Finally Thought of Loom Band Lingerie

Of course the loom band dress EBay deal fell through – the buyer probably liked the novelty more than the actual piece, and at Luxe Models we reckon that the novelties getting old. Why? Well someone has gone one step further and decided to create loom band lingerie!

According to the Mirror, businesswoman Claire Davis from Warrington, Cheshire, used 24,000 loom bands to create a two set piece of lingerie. She apparently hopes to sell the lingerie on EBay for £25,000 in a bid to save her flagging business.

Artist Loom Band Lingerie

The lingerie itself is surprisingly artistic, given the fact it was created with loom bands. It is comprised of a black and purple bikini top, adorned with gems and buttons meant to resemble flowers, and a similar short skirt.

Davis has since sent pleas to pop stars such as Miley Cyrus and Lady Gaga, hoping they will buy the wacky creation. She since went on to comment to the paper that “I know it is a huge ask, but I guess to someone like Miley it’s a drop in the ocean!”

We Bet Loom Band Lingerie Would be Really Uncomfortable!

Believe it or not, we can actually imagine the ‘Wrecking Ball’ star wearing this, but we wonder whether that’s necessarily a good thing. Yes, it’s pretty cool that this woman is using loom bands to save her business, but the fact that we finally have such a thing as loom band lingerie really does suggest that this trend has gone too far. More than anything else, we just bet that it’d be really uncomfortable!

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