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It doesn’t take that long these days for something to go viral. Videos, photos and news, once shared online, there’s no turning back. But whilst past viral examples include cat videos, up-skirt photos and that god-awful neck and nominate, there’s something new going around, which we at Luxe Models just love.

ALS (Amyotrophic lateral sclerosis)

Sure, we love the odd cat photo here too, but it’s great when something goes around that gets people to sit up and take notice. Recently, a new craze has started over in the states to raise awareness of the terrible motor neurone disease ALS (Amyotrophic lateral sclerosis) – also known as Lou Gehrig’s disease.

Luxe Models Mickey Rourke Ice Bucket

Mickey Rourke Ice Bucket

Going Viral

Celebrities, public figures and people from all over the US have been making the public more aware of the disease online whilst helping to raise money. But, interestingly the new phenomenon doesn’t involve your normal marketing tactics, no, in fact it involves throwing a bucket of ice water over your head!

The Ice Bucket Challenge

The idea is that you film yourself throwing a bucket of icey water over your head and nominate 3 friends to do the same, if they do not respond in 24 hours then they have to donate at least $100 to help ALS. This has created a massive on-going chain of wet celebs who have not only taken a cold shower but have also helped to raise awareness for a terrible disease – not to mention many have given an awful lot to charity along the way.


Ricky Gervais, Justin Bieber, Justin Timberlake and more

Justin Bieber, Justin Timberlake, Mark Zuckerberg, Ricky Gervais, Robert Downey Jr, Oprah Winfrey, Chris Pratt and even Bill Gates are among those who have already taken part in the ALS ice bucket challenge. But as the craze continues to snowball expect to see more in the coming weeks. Let’s just hope nominations get to us across the pond, because this is a cause which needs to be shouted about.

To find out more about ALS then make sure you head over the www.ALSA.org for more information.

Find out more on Twitter using the hashtag #IceBucketChallenge.

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