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This week, Luxe models wants to help you navigate the murky world of accessories, with our top five rules for accessorising your outfit.

How Can You Possibly Choose Just One Accessory?

Accessorising your outfit is like walking through a minefield. You’ve built up a veritable treasure trove of necklaces, rings, scarves, broaches, bracelets etc. over the course of your shopping career, and you love them all equally. How can you possibly choose?

This is a problem women face time and time again in the course of their daily lives. The confusion caused by the need to accessorise can leave women either wearing too much and killing the look, or forsaking accessories altogether, leaving their outfit looking decidedly unfinished.

Luxe Models Accessorising

Luxe Models Accessorising

Luxe Model’s Top Five Rules for Accessorising

The thing is that the right accessory can lend an outfit the finishing touch it needs to make a splash, but only if you actually know how to do it. That’s why Luxe Models always suggests you take the following five rules into account in your hunt for the perfect accessory…

  • Plan out Your Outfit in Advance: Plan out your outfit, along with your accessory the night before. Otherwise, you’ll be left rushing to pick just the right necklace to set off your cute little a-line dress the next morning, and people in a rush tend to make bad decisions.
  • Work around Your Outfit: This is the most important rule to follow. The right accessory with the wrong outfit will clash. Remember that the simpler an outfit is, the more elaborate you can get with your accessories.
  • Make Sure it Matches: A good rule of thumb is that if your chosen piece matches at least one part of your outfit, then it works; otherwise, it just looks out of place. A good tip to use is to match it with your shoes and bag.
  • Find Your Signature Style: Everybody has a type of accessory that works for their fashion sense and their body type. Find that signature style and stick to it so you always walk out looking fabulous!
  • Think Before You Buy: This one’s a preventative measure. Before you buy any piece, think to yourself; do I already have something I know will look good with this? If you don’t, leave it alone, you should never wear it.

Looking and Feeling Fabulous!

Accessorising may be complex, but it’s far from impossible. As long as you take these rules into account, Luxe Models reckons you’ll have no problem finding the accessory that’ll make you walk out of the door, looking, and more important feeling, fabulous!