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Seeing as we recently blogged about ‘The Wests’ the other day, at Luxe Models we thought whilst we were on the subject of uber celebrities, we would catch up with our good friend Justin Bieber. It’s been at least a few weeks since we last talked hey Justin!?

Luxe Models Loved Baby Bieber

We loved Baby Bieber. You know, when he was on YouTube, singing about girls, throwing his bangs over his face. What wasn’t to love? A cute innocent kid with talent who rose to fame. But now the story is very much different.

Bieber’s fall from grace was sudden and on-going – fueled by the endless press that surrounded him. And whilst many enjoyed poking fun at the young super-star and watching him fumble through the pitfalls of being a young adult, we haven’t enjoyed a second of it.

A Product of Paparazzi

It’s now become almost part of the modern culture to actively hate the 20 year old singer. Yeah, we know he’s done some of the stupidest things imaginable, but for Christ sake, he’s a teenager, with millions of dollars, being filmed and photographed everywhere he goes. It’s bound to happen.

Justin Bieber Luxe Models

Charged to Take Anger Management Classes

But, unfortunately the stories keep coming, and Justin keep getting worse. This time, after being arrested in Miami earlier this, Justin has now been ordered to take anger management classes after he pleaded guilty to misdemeanor charges of careless driving and resisting arrest.

Seven months after the original arrest, Bieber has agreed to a 12-hour anger management course as well as $50,000 charitable contribution.

As more stories and mishaps like this continue to befall our young singer, it seems Justin is on the right path for a meltdown within the next few years. Let’s just hope that he can manage to stay off the class-A drugs.

You can read more about the charges via the Mirror online.

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