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Wow, the 90s were crazy right? Brit-pop, hair curtains, raving and girl power – what else could one need? But the 90s are long gone now; only existing as a distant, vivid memory. Yet, still some aspects of 90s culture continue to probe our day to day lives, in particular, those lucky few individuals who rose far above the baggy t-shirts and corniness of life twenty years ago.

The 90s

Here at Luxe Models some of our fondest memories of life in the 90s come from one particular pop group – and we’re not talking about Boyzone. Yeah, you guessed it, we’re talking about the Spice Girls, an all-girl world-wide phenomenon who epitomised the bright-coloured world of the last years of the late 20th century.

But unlike many other things, many of the members of the Spice Girls managed to avoid extinction in popular culture and became institutions in their own right. And no more is this true, than with universal sensation Victoria Beckham, aka Posh Spice.

Victoria Beckham Luxe Models

Posh Spice

It’s often weird when thinking about Victoria’s rise to fame and fortune, seeing as she wasn’t exactly the most prominent or involved member of the Spice Girls. But after matching with teen heartthrob David Beckham (married back in 1999) Victoria has managed to stay slap-bang in the middle of the celebrity sandwich, as it were. And alongside David’s skyrocketing career, and Victoria’s apt entry into the world of fashion and modelling, the super couple have become an ever-growing world-wide brand.

Fund Raising

So when news struck this week that the 40 year old goddess was selling off over 600 items from her wardrobe for charity, we were filled with feelings of nostalgia, remembering the countless dresses and outfits worn by Victoria over the years – good and bad!

After her visit to South Africa earlier this year with friend Anna Wintour – in which they met women affected by AIDs – Victoria has announced that she will be selling off a mass of her old frocks to raise money for charity Mothers2Mothers.  An amazing cause you’ll agree.

So what will be for sale? The little black dress, Vic’s classic white Dolce & Gabbana dress worn for the 2003 MTV Video Music Awards or perhaps even that eye-popping push-up corset from 2007, boy, who could forget that.

No matter what’s on offer, we can’t wait to see how the auction turns out, and we wish Victoria and Women2Women all the best in the fund raising.

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