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Ten years ago, David Beckham – it’s fair to say – was one cool guy. But now in 2014, the 39 year old ex-footballer, style-icon, part-model, part-charity figurehead is one of the most respected and beloved modern English exports we have. And at Luxe Models, we love him!

Just how does Becks do it? He seems to get cooler, better looking, and more fashionable by the day. If he’s not suited and booted at any number of high-profile events, he’s down to his pants; bronzed up being photographed.

David Beckham Luxe Models But it seems that we’re more likely to pay attention to David Beckham in skimpy pair pants than when fully clothed. It’s not our fault, we can’t help ourselves. He’s just asking for it!

Just this week new monochrome photos of the ex-England footballer were plastered all over the internet, picturing an aloof Beckham stood dramatically in some of the tightest and whitest pants we’ve ever seen. Not that we’re complaining.

He wasn’t just walking about town in the buff though mind you, Becks was actually sporting some new clobber for his latest range of men’s clothing for H&M. So, there was a purpose to it all.

Snapped in some comfy looking trunks and slouchy shorts, topless of course, Becks was also advertising some new t-shirts, but we weren’t really paying much attention to that to be completely honest. There was too much else on show.

If you’re interested in seeing more of Becks in all his H&M, pants wearing, tattoo wielding glory, then head over to Huffington Post now.

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