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The celebrity blogosphere blew up yet again recently, when it was discovered that idiotic pop prince Justin Bieber has managed to offend people, yet again. At Luxe Models we’re seriously wondering when enough is enough!?

He Was That Somebody to Love

Do you remember when Justin Bieber was that sweet little kid who annoyed everyone, but didn’t really offend anyone? Considering the Canadian phenomenon’s trailblazing role in reinventing men’s fashion (it’s pains us to admit that by the way) Luxe Models has kept track of Bieber since his early days, and wants to remind you all that he wasn’t always the tearaway he’s become.

Back in the days of ‘Baby,’ the infamous sweeping haircut and a Mickey Mouse Club-esque image (although it’s fair to remember at this point that Britney was in that club, and look at what direction she went in) Bieber was the nicest guy out there.  He seemed like the type of guy who would help little old ladies cross the street and wait for hours just so he could talk to as many fans as humanly possible.

Luxe Models Justin Bieber

Oh Baby, Baby, Baby NO!

Those days seem so far away, as Bieber slowly descended into that delusional world only inhabited by the celeb set (Gwyneth, we’re looking at you, woman who believes negative emotions hurt water). It’s a world where everyone kisses your you-know-what and you’re tricked into believing that not only are you right all the time, but that you’ll (probably literally) be able to get away with murder.

Bieber’s meltdown has been epic to watch. Over the course of the last few years we’ve seen him label Anne Frank a potential Belieber, smoke drugs as though it were going out of style, get way to literal when it comes to Orange is the New Black (only Laverne Cox looks good in prison garb) and now, he’s topped off the list by uttering the deplorable N word.

Luxe Model’s On Bieber’s Wakeup Call

It’s gotten so bad that people started a petition to deport Bieber from America back to Canada. It got so many signatories, President Barack Obama is legally required to comment on the issue. When you become a bullet point on the White House agenda, you know you’ve gone too far.

Luxe Models asks that Justin Bieber see this as his wakeup call. He may be nail-on-a-chalkboard annoying, but even we have to admit that he has a fan base who looks up to him and respects him. He needs to start respecting them in return.

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