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With Maleficent set to sweep box offices after its premier last week, at Luxe Models we decided to explore the surprisingly enduring phenomena of evil as a fashion trend this week, with our top four favourite things about the Maleficent look!

Bad Girls Really Do Do It Better!

The film itself may have received mixed reviews, but Angelina Jolie simply sparkled as the titular character in Maleficent, Disney’s retelling of the classic Sleeping Beauty tale from the point of view of its antagonist. Her simply stunning look reminded us that bad girls have so much more fun in the fashion world.

Luxe Models' Favourite Style Tips From Maleficent

Bad girls are trendsetters. Look at Madonna and the girl-punk look which inspired a generation or Rhianna and that hair-do that adorned the head of every woman this side of Australia? There’s something undeniably attractive about evil, and that’s why the outfits popularised by villainous characters have been finding their way onto catwalks for years. How else would Goth become an actual thing?

Our Top Four Favourite Things about the Maleficent Look

However it’s rare that we get a character who’s so deliciously evil that’s such a trendsetter, and we have to take the opportunity to worship at the altar of Maleficent, with these top four Luxe Models favourite things about her look:

1)      Statement Makeup: We’re fans of statement makeup here at Luxe- go big or go home, and Jolie certainly went big for the role. Those ruby red lips are simply divine, and strike a perfect contrast to the stark paleness of her shock white visage.

2)      Gaga Would Be Proud: Few people can pull off novelty horns as headwear, but the woman of the hour made it look so unbelievably cool. We haven’t been this impressed with the ability to turn the ridiculous into a fashion trend since Gaga herself!

3)      Black on Black: There can never be too much black, that’s why LBD’s never go out of style. Maleficent’s creative use of the world’s most slimming colour, subtly accented with darker hues of purple, lend it a versatility we’ve never seen before.

4)      Pop Yo’ Collar: Admittedly, we normally don’t like it when people pop their collar. It’s all too ‘high school boy trying to make his uniform look cool, but actually makes themselves look like a plonker’ for us. Maleficent’s statement collar however, is making us reconsider the look.

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