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Last week it really hit the fan for Beyonce didn’t it? To commemorate the incident that went viral just about everywhere, at Luxe Models, we thought we’d take this opportunity to celebrate the diva’s top four music video looks!

Beyonce is the powerhouse of the music industry. Her work with girl group Destiny’s Child, along with her stunning solo efforts, have made her the musical icon of the decade, and her star power only intensified the minute she ‘I Do’ to megastar rapper Jay Z.

The couple have always presented themselves as the picture of marital bliss, which is why when TMZ leaked a video of Bey’s sister Solange attacking Jay in a hotel lift, it sent shockwaves that are reverberating across Twitter to this very day.

Whatever you think of Beyonce impassively looking on whilst her sister got into it with her husband, you’ve got to admit, the ladies got style, and that is never more apparent than in her music videos. That’s why this week, we want to celebrate the pop diva with these top four music video looks:

1)      Crazy in Love: Her very first solo effort was a little ditty called ‘Crazy in Love, which went on to be her monster break out hit. Part of that was undoubtedly down to the jazzed-up, dressed-down look she embraced in the video, complete with neon colours, daring hemlines and mid-drift baring tops.

2)      Irreplaceable: Very much the definition of a sleeper-hit, ‘Irreplaceable’ was actually Queen Bey’s longest running hit on top of the American Billboard Hot 100 chart. The promo for the   tune saw the songstress glam it up, with coquettishly untamed locks, lace-print dresses and heels the most conscientious fashionista would approve of.

3)      Single Ladies: This one was a real anthem, empowering ladies everywhere to embrace their singledom, and she accompanied it with a sparse black and white video that truly reminded us that less is more. All she wore was a black leotard and she still managed to shine!

4)      Love on Top: A truly classic cut from her last album, Beyonce used the opportunity presented by ‘Love on Top’ to embrace glammed-up military chic in a dazzling array of colours. Only Beyonce could have made it look so fabulous!

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