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In the aftermath of this year’s infamous Met Ball, many fashion pundits have been left wondering if any of the celebrity attendees actually understood the meaning of ‘white tie and decorations,’ this year’s theme. We thought this week at Luxe Models we’d explore it for them.

For those of you out there not up to date with one of fashion’s biggest events, the Met Ball is an annual fundraising event hosted to raise cash for the Metropolitan Museum of Art’s Costume institute. It’s been going for years and has been chaired by notorious Vogue editor Anna Wintour since 1995.

White Tie and Decorations: A Definition

Considering the fact that it’s chaired by one of the industry’s biggest names, it shouldn’t surprise you that it’s themed every year, and the host of celebrities who attend every year are often savaged in the press if they get it wrong.

After last year’s experiment with punk fashion, this year Wintour decided to be a bit more traditional and go with the ‘white tie and decorations’ theme, one that honestly left most people confused.

To be clear, it does not mean that you wear nothing but a white tie and Christmas decorations. You’d be surprised how many people actually believed that. Wintour and co-host Sarah Jessica Parker recently commented in an interview with Seth Meyer that many celebrity men actually contacted legendary designer Tom Ford in the hopes of securing the best Christmas decorations for the event.

So to be clear, white tie and decorations is another term for evening dress, meaning that Wintour really did go traditional this year; ball gowns, impeccable suits, tail coats, bow ties, the whole shebang.

The Best and Worst Dressed

So who got it right and who got it wrong? The biggest offender had to be Madonna, who was banded from wearing her bandage/bondage outfit by Wintour herself, and subsequently did not attend.

Other offenders include Rihanna, who along with other wearers of Stella McCartney Cara Delevingne and Reese Witherspoon, just missed the point and Kristen Stewart, who was just, as usual, a complete mess.

Many celebs did manage to rock the look though, chief among them Wintour’s co-host Sarah Jessica Parker, who pulled off the decadent debutant style in classic black and white, with sheer effortless grace. Other winners in the fashion stakes included Bradley Cooper and David Beckham, who both pulled off the theme with classic panache and Alexa Chung, whose slim line ice-blue ruffled affair was just perfect.

So clearly ‘white tie and decorations’ worked for some, drastically failed for others. At Luxe Models we suggest that Anna might want to pic a simpler theme next year…