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Luxe Models have been following the misdemeanors of Justin Beiber pretty closely since the news broke that he’d been arrested for drunk driving back in January. This week a Miami judge set his trial date for the 5th of May.

Beebs has pleaded not guilty to the charges brought against him, which are resisting arrest, driving under the influence and using an expired license. He was caught drag racing in Miami Beach. He did not attend a hearing held on the 10th of March at Miami-Dade county court.
The trial date was postponed from its original March schedule as Bieber’s lawyers argued against the release of several images and videos of the Baby singer following his arrest. These images included one of Justin giving a urine sample. They were released despite this.
Bieber was driving a rented yellow Lamborghini when he was arrested for drunken driving. He was drag racing alongside another driver in a red Ferrari on a main Miami Beach street. The road was blocked by two SUVs so that Justin and his friend could race freely, the police said. Bieber resisted arrest, swore at police officers before going with them. He later admitted to the consummation of alcohol, cannabis and prescription drugs.

Bieber made an unannounced appearance at SXSW earlier this week when he showed up at Scooter Braun Project’s Sunday Funday in Austin, Texas. He sang a mash-up of songs that included his track Boyfriend. He was accompanied by the band Rixton.

Bieber last week criticised his former mentor, Usher, who played a pivotal role in the young pop star’s discovery and early career. Beebs appeared in court on March 6th over a case brought against him by Jeffrey Binion, a photographer. He claims that Bieber ordered his bodyguards to remove the memory card from Binion’s camera following a series of photos he took in June 2013. Bieber was also charged with assaulting a limousine driver in Toronto late last year.

Seems Justin is trying his best to shed his good boy image these days by getting into as much trouble as possible! We’ll keep you posted with any developments!

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