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The latest season of the Voice has seen more success than any other. That is thanks, in no small part, to pint sized pop diva Kylie Minogue, a woman who has gained a reputation as a fashion goddess throughout the course of her career.


Considering that we grew up with Kylie, from her early days as lovable Charlene in Neighbours through to her reinvention in ‘Spinning Around’ and her emergence as the Voice of wisdom, we’ve seen her try many looks over the years. So Luxe Models asks: where did Kylie hit the fashion high notes and where did she fall short of the beat?


First off, those hot pants. Heavily featured in the music video for ‘Spinning Around,’ the hit that restarted her career, these golden hot pants proved a hit worldwide and unbelievably enough Minogue picked them up down the local market! They only cost 50p!

Then of course there was that revealing all-in-one white hooded number in the ‘Can’t Get You out of My Head’ music video. The song proved Kylie’s biggest ever hit and the music video saw her adopt many looks that became iconic however this one was the clear winner. Effortlessly sexy and subtly controversial, it turned heads the world over.

The last of Ms Minogue’s most iconic looks is one for you fans who love going to catch her on tour. Remember the Showgirl world tour, the one after she beat cancer? The burlesque inspired glitter adorned number complete with feather headdress really should not have worked. However in a show celebrating the ultimate showgirl, she pulled it off with her usual elegant ease.

Fashion Disaster…

However for every fashion hit there must be a fashion miss and the first was the outfit she wore in box office flop Street Fighter. We get that it was a part in a film, and that it came at a time in the 90’s when Kylie was trying to shed her bubble gum image but that’s no excuse to dress up like G.I Jane!

We go old school with this next one as her second fashion miss is that hair gracing the cover of her 1989 debut album ‘Kylie.’ Everyone wore embarrassing stuff in the 80’s but she reached new heights when she took her perm and piled it all on top of her hat. We think she was going for artistic… oh well.

The last also features an album cover, however this time we turn to Minogue’s late 90’s eponymous album which saw the then unpopular star go bizarre and grace a one strap off the shoulder number. That whole era was the ‘lost weekend’ of Minogue’s career and this fashion fail topped it off!

But y’know what folks, whatever she wears, we still love her. She’s charming, funny and bursting with talent! A real pioneer of Girl Power, Kylie, Luxe Models salute you!

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