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Luxe Models got all hot under the collar this week as Queen of Pop Madonna joined Queen of Twerk Miley Cyrus for a monster collaboration. Amidst the posturing and the tongue bearing, just what were they wearing?

The collaboration was a centerpiece of Cyrus’ debut performance for MTV Unplugged, the famous MTV franchise which sees music heavyweights perform stripped back versions of their coolest hits. Famous acts to previously take to the MTV Unplugged stage include Nirvana, Paul McCartney, Mariah Carey, Bob Dylan and Lauryn Hill.

Basically anybody who’s anybody in the music industry has graced the Unplugged stage at some point (although oddly until now the Queen of Pop actually hasn’t!) so it was only a matter of time until Miley stepped up.

The collaboration was first broken by various celebrity news sources such as Digital Spy and Huffington Post earlier this week and the Twitter sphere went crazy wondering what these two shining beacons of pop were going to bring to the stage.

Here it’s a case of fashion reflecting artistry. After the two ladies were snapped in matching country-western gear, complete with statement cowboy hats and glitter embellishments, many concluded that the performance had to include Madonna’s classic hit ‘Don’t Tell Me.’

‘Don’t Tell Me’ was released during the ‘Music’ era of the material girls career and it’s iconic music video saw Madge embrace her inner cowgirl with statement hat, lasso dance moves and dirty jeans. Interestingly enough her previous hit ‘Music’ was what started the Queen of Reinventions latest trend as she sported a ‘ghettoised’ version of the iconic American cowgirl look.

It was a hit that endured; many still cite it as one of their favourite Madonna tracks to date and its breezy acoustic strains make it the perfect contender for the unplugged treatment. Amazingly the pop provocateur that is Cyrus used the tracks lyrical content to mash it up with her megahit ‘We Can’t Stop.’

The result was a performance that saw both songs reimagined into a cool casual country pop gem bouncing along to the strains of an acoustic backing. Whilst controversial (these two are hardly strangers to that) it certainly got tongues wagging and will probably be remembered as an epic moment in pop.

That’s what Luxe Models got so excited about this week. Madonna once again showed, this time with the help of Cyrus, that fashion and art are one and the same. What you wear is about so much more than functionally; it’s about the power of the individual and coordinating what you wear to underscore what you say.

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