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Gossip columnists (and Luxe Models!) around the world failed to show any shock this week when teen heart-throb and occasional pop star Justin Bieber was arrested. The 19 year old who has set the heart of pre-teen girls everywhere ablaze with his chart-ready pop music was nicked in Miami for drag racing.bieber

The Canadian teeny bopper has graced gossip inches everywhere recently for his increasingly bad behaviour. Remember that time he visited the Anne Frank museum and alleged that Frank herself would have been a Belieber?

Bieber was taken in by Miami police in the wee hours of Thursday morning for indulging in a little drag racing with friends Khalil Sharief and model Chantel Jeffries. He was then transported to county jail with a bail set at just $2,500.

Pop music’s newest bad boy (we use that term lightly folks, he’s small fry in the bad boy stakes) apparently had been, according to sources, taking anti-depressants and smoking marijuana and drinking beer all day before indulging in some all-night partying with Chantel.

Police caught the budding superstar driving his Lamborghini at 60mph in a 30mph speed zone. This allegedly was part of a drag race with rapper friend Khalil Sharief, who according to sources rocked up in a Ferrari. They stopped him at around 4am Miami time.

Now that he’s been released on bail, he’s set to face charges of drunken driving, resisting arrest and driving without a licence. Friends and family close to the troubled male fashion icon are now said to be urging him to enter a rehab facility.

Prison Chic

However what struck Luxe Models and fashion bloggers around the world was Bieber’s mug shot. Believe it or not he’s just made prison chic cool.

Beebs has tried on many looks throughout his hit studded career, but we never thought he’d be able to pull off the orange jumpsuit. The mugshot shows a beaming Bier, hair still rolled up into a Presley style quiff sporting an orange jumpsuit with sleeves rolled up casually past the elbow. If he’d had the chance to don some large shades, he wouldn’t exactly have been out of place on a catwalk!

So it’s a bit of a mixed bag really. The star’s arrest has reminded us that he’s not the clean cut lad we all used to know and love. However he managed to make prison clothing look good. The jury’s out really; well the fashion jury is; we’re pretty sure any actual jury would have a much easier time of it!

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