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Luxe Models are big lovers of Katy Perry; she’s a super sexy goddess who has produced some killer tracks, but we have to admit we’ve been truly embarrassed for her since the weekend after she was apparently caught lip-syncing at the NRJ Music Awards in Cannes on Saturday.

She was all set to sing her hit single Roar. The stage was dressed and out she came to the deafening cheers of the crowd in her kooky little cat ears, singing the opening lines. But wait! What’s this? Her mouth isn’t moving in time with the voice we’re hearing? Uh-oh! Perry doesn’t seem fazed by this however, and battles on, dancing her sassy routine with her backing group.

And then what happened?? That’s right; the NRJ host trundled on stage to point out the horrendous mishap and tell Katy that if she’s okay with it, they can start over. Judging from Katy’s shy smiles and obvious awkwardness, we reckon all she could do was agree to start over!

So off we went again, this time with Katy singing completely live. How must she have felt?! Kudos to Katy for soldiering on; if we’d been in that position we would probably have cried! How very unprofessional of the host!

The NRJ organisers have now apologised, stating that the “wrong mix” had accidentally been played, which was louder than Katy’s live vocals. But even if that was the case, Luxe Models are agreed that they should never have stopped her mid-performance!

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