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Here at Luxe Models we enjoy the odd bit of controversy and a wee taster of celebrity gossip every now and then, but we’ve noticed that there are people who can tend to take it a step too far, or in the case of Katie Hopkins, about 50 steps too far. After her most recent splurge or malodorous venom, this time aimed at a sick child who appeared on this weekend’s X-Factor, we have to ask why is this woman still allowed such a prominent public voice?

During Sunday night’s X-Factor results show a Great Ormond Street appeal video was shown. It featured Kaychanel, a little girl who suffers with Vacterl Sequence and has to undergo dialysis three times a week. Hopkins, sat at home live-tweeting while no doubt bathing in her own self-loathing said of the girl, “Kaychanel has enough on her plate without me adding to it. Could have been worse. KayEsteeLauder.” So why did you add to it, Katie babes?

Hopkins has been forced to apologise once already this month following her scandalous “joke” about the people of Glasgow the day after the fatal Clutha helicopter crash, which killed nine people and injured 32 more. This sparked a furious public petition to have her removed from television. Her bit-spot on ITV’s This Morning has thankfully been axed, at least for the time being.

It seems all this former Apprentice candidate can do is cause a hullabaloo. She has commented on the ongoing saga between TV chef Nigella Lawson and her former husband Charles Saatchi, who was photographed strangling Lawson in a London restaurant earlier this year. Hopkins decried Nigella as “a spendthrift and a self-obsessed flirt determined to show other women they were imperfect”. She went on to defend Saatchi, stating that he’s obviously “having a testing time”. Talk about sisterhood!

And who could forget her outrageous tirade against certain children’s names? Apparently names like Tyler, Charmaine and Chantelle are “working class”. She also badmouthed parents who name their children after geographical locations, despite having a child called India. She went on to say that children are named according to their parents’ intelligence, which suggests Hopkins herself is decidedly stupid.  

Here at Luxe Models we have to wonder if ol’ Hoppers isn’t doing all this as a means of gaining some much needed attention. Could it be that she’s a smidge unhappy with her own life and feels the only way to achieve recognition is to hurt other people? Perhaps she just wasn’t given enough hugs as a child and that’s why she thinks it’s necessary to demean those weaker than herself? It’s unlikely that we’ll ever know, but we reckon it’s high time all the sensible people in the world just stop listening.