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James Arthur has lost himself a lot of respect lately after a spate of homophobic ramblings over the last week. He wrote and filmed a Imageterrible rap in which he referred to rapper Mickey Worthless as “a f***ing queer”. This came in response to a song by Worthless that mocks James Arthur for being an X-Factor puppet, which does have some truth in it. 

While the team at Luxe Models haven’t seen the offending video, we’ve heard that James Arthur also used the words “scrubber”, “peasant” and “motherf***er” as insults against Mickey Worthless. Arthur’s fans have been quick to turn on him, taking to Twitter to slam the X-Factor winner for his horribly derogatory comments.

Many have shared emails sent to iTunes requesting a refund on James Arthur’s debut album, indulgently titled James Arthur. Fellow X-Factor contestant Lucy Spraggen has waded in on the row, citing the fact that many people, particularly young people, who are affected by homophobic slurs and often feel driven to suicide. She rightfully pointed out that James Arthur should take his position as a role model more seriously.

Arthur has now apparently handed over responsibility of his Twitter account to his management team following a torrent of abuse over his anti-gay comments. He then however took to his phone to continue the argument with Spraggen in text. He questioned her loyalty to him and called her two-faced, claiming her aggravation was caused because he failed to tweet her album link, rather than her views on the gay community. He went on to unnecessarily cite the fact that his album sold far more copies than hers and called her an attention-seeker.

Spraggen posted screen shots of these messages to Twitter so fans were able to see the real “man” behind the music. His comments also angered comedians Frankie Boyle and Matt Lucas, who identifies as gay. James Arthur has also used his Twitter account to insult boyband One Direction and fellow X-Factor winner Matt Cardle, whose music, according to Arthur, is for “bedwetters”.

Here at Luxe Models we certainly don’t agree with James Arthur’s comments and definitely think he should keep quiet for a while. If we’d purchased his album in the first place, we’d certainly be opting for a refund.