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The upcoming release of Hunger Games: Catching Fire has prompted several interviews with the movie’s Oscar-winning star Jennifer Lawrence. Luxe Models were particularly pleased to see one interview with BBC Newsnight in which she discussed the influence of movie and music stars over their fans. In it, she said she is very conscious of her young fans and admitted that “for some disgusting reason, young sex sells”. We’re pleased to say that she won’t be indulging in any kind of questionable behaviour!jennifer lawrence

In the Hunger Games franchise, she stars alongside Liam Hemsworth, who recently ended his engagement to Miley Cyrus, with some reports saying that this was down to her current outrageous conduct. Jennifer avoided commenting directly on Cyrus, but when questioned about some of the singer’s antics, she said she believed everybody has their own path and their own way of discovering themselves.

She also pointed out the lack of decent female role models for girls and wants her character of Katniss to fill this void and become someone for youngsters to look up to. In a recent press conference to promote the movie, she recounted a story of a young fan who wrote to her, explaining that she had suffered from severe burns as a child and had always lacked confidence. The fan said that Katniss had given her hope and made her feel so much better about her appearance. Jennifer Lawrence said that the film industry can feel pointless until you realise how many people you touch in different ways.

One of her other biggest fans seems to be Liam Hemsworth, who said in an interview with Jay Leno that she’s one of the best actresses he’s worked with. He said she’s very open and honest and says what she thinks without hurting anybody’s feelings. At Luxe Models we’re huge fans of J-Law and really wish her all the best with her upcoming projects.