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With the cold weather coming on thick and fast it’s time to start considering your winter wardrobe. Now, we’ve all been there, standing in our jimjams before work trying to decide whether to brave the wilds of rain, wind and snow in a skirt and tights or to stick with a trusty pair of trousers that will tuck easily into a snazzy pair of wellies to avoid getting the bottoms wet. And in terms of comfort and warmth, the trousers almost always rule the day. But here at Luxe Models, we’ve seen the light! Ladies and gentlemen (but mostly just ladies because it’s not likely a man would want to don a pair for the boardroom…) allow us to introduce you to thermal tights.

Now we admit, they don’t sound particularly appealing; with a name like that you’d probably expect to find them hanging out of your granny’s top drawer rather than your own, but trust us when we say they are an innovation! And they’re not even remotely unfashionable! Why this very writer picked up a pair in Topshop a few weeks ago and is wearing them as she types. While it was lashing it down with rain this morning, my legs were ridiculously cosy in my “lightly fleece-lined tights”.

I sat smugly on the bus thinking about how jealous everyone must be of my lovely warm legs. In fairness, it’s really unlikely that they had any idea I was wearing them. I mean, I like them; I’d even go so far as to say I love them; but I’m not about to start taking strangers by the lapels, inviting, nay, forcing them to look closely at my choice of leg-wear.

They’re not remotely bulky and leave your legs looking as perfectly appealing as usual. They’re available in a variety of colours and hands down win over fleece-lined leggings because they come with the awesome addition of sealed feet. If you only make one purchase this winter, which you won’t because fashion is an ever-evolving machine and there are too many pretty things to buy just one, but if for some strange reason you do only buy one thing, make sure it’s a pair of thermal tights!

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