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Now that Paris Fashion Week has drawn to a close, Luxe Models wanted to give you a taste of the makeup trends that are going to be big this season so that you can figure out your foundation and line up your lipstick in preparation for the transition.

Sometimes when we look to the catwalk for inspiration we’re greeted by a strange selection of overly theatrical bordering on horror-movie makeup, but this year, we were treated to some very wearable make-up trends. There were some lovely, time-honoured styles here, with a fresh, fashionable twist.


In terms of eye shadow, oranges and purples will be very big this autumn. A glossy, copper shadow can be taken just beyond the crease of the eye for a look that’s surprisingly easy to carry off. Similarly, use reddish-brown colours sculpt a very neutral shape around the eye. A deep, brownish-purple will give you a very sophisticated, urban appearance.

Alternatively, if you want a grungier look, go for dark, glittery eyes. Take a dark, black-grey cream shadow and mix it with a small amount of pearly glitter. Take it up to the crease with a taper brush then use your finger to drag it up towards the brow bone. Blot away any excess product for a clean finish around the eye.


And before you reach for the tweezers, consider this: bold eyebrows are in! If you’re thinking about growing your eyebrows out, remember not to let them go wild – big doesn’t have to mean bushy. Keep them well-groomed with a brow brush and a brow set gel. If your eyebrows are light, you can add a little extra definition with a pencil or powder. Consider trying nude eyes and glossy lips to draw attention to your brows.

Lips this autumn should be soft and smudgy. There were some lovely, rich wine colours on the catwalk at Fashion Week, bringing to mind a nice deep glass of Cabernet – perfect for avoiding the cold weather blues! If you’re thinking about trying this, go for a matte finish by blotting away excess shine.

Extra-long eyelashes are still big this season and can look great with a peekaboo fringe. Alternatively, if you’re brave enough, you could try the no make-up make-up look, with nude lips and ultra-subtle eyes. This look is all about getting the perfect base to suit you. If you want a little lift with it, try lightening your lips with a hint of foundation mixed with a sheer lip balm.