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We at Luxe Models are huge fans of Katy Perry, the woman who taught us it was ok to kiss a girl and like it, to play Hot and Cold with your man and to party like a California Girl. After Perry’s juggernaut Teenage Dream era, which saw the budding pop star evolve into a global heavy weight, we wondered what was coming next. We got our answer in ‘Roar’, a classic pop tune promoting self-empowerment.

It seems like you all like ‘Roar’ as much as we did, as on Sunday, ‘Roar’ ascended the charts to become Perry’s fourth UK chart topper. We loved the song, but when we saw the music video that love became obsession. It’s an action packed romp in the jungle, as Perry and an unidentified men find themselves stranded and facing down Tigers and Elephants, you know, the usual. It was what she was wearing that really caught our attention. Embracing the jungle theme with a religious devotion, the video saw Perry decked out in bold Leopard Print underscored by a jungle leaf skirt, all topped off with a floral headdress. Although somewhat predictable for a tune called ‘Roar’, it was bold, sexy and a hell of a lot of fun; it totally worked.


We found ourselves wondering, how does this latest ensemble fare against her iconic back catalogue? Let’s start with ‘Last Friday Night (TGIF)’. This was our favourite as it saw Perry bedecked in classic eighties teen fashion topped off with hair backcombed within an inch of its life. Both have the fun factor, and ‘Roar’s’ may be a tad more predictable than this one, however both show that Perry clearly has a passion for delving into her dressing up box.

Now let’s move onto Katy’s most out there look, the one sported in the now legendary ‘California Girls’ video. She really went all out for this one, as multi coloured wigs set off the theme of  fun and sun in the California sands as they were teamed with whipped cream bun bras and flashy, bizarre dresses and hot pants. Both were the videos for lead singles, therefore both played a part in defining what Perry has in store with her latest collection to the music buying public. ‘Girl’s’ clearly makes more of a statement, nothing could ever beat it, and Perry hasn’t tried, she knows better than that. Rather ‘Roar’ has shown how she has changed and grown since her days of dueting with Snoop Dogg.

ImageNow let’s take one last look; the first time we ever saw Perry in her now landmark single ‘I Kissed a Girl’. The song itself was ground breaking; it approached a subject matter that had before often been neglected in pop music. However the look, at a sharp contrast, played it safe, as Perry pretty much just paraded around in the fashion of the day, clearly she hadn’t discovered her dressing up box yet. However, for a pop star just starting out, the words spoke louder than the fashion ever could, she probably couldn’t afford to be more controversial than she was already at that point.

Whatever you think of Katy Perry, you can’t deny the effects her wardrobe has had on pop music. Like anyone, she is evolving, and where once she played around with whipped cream, she now seems more self-assured. Although her outfits are still bold and daring, it feels like she has less of a need to play the sexy vixen, her clothes these days speak of a more self-assured Perry, ready and waiting to once again, take the world by storm.