For the last few weeks Miley Cyrus has been the topic on many peoples lips, due to her dramatic change in style. However, last weekend, during MTV’s VMA awards Miley performed her now song, “We Can’t Stop” alongside Robin Thicke. Luxe Models, along with the rest of the population it seems were completely taken aback by the performance, as it was relatively awkward and embarrassing to watch, as well as making Miley seem slightly desperate.

Rihanna looked in a state of mis-belief, not really knowing whether to go to sleep, or go home. Drake looked nowhere else but the floor, maybe because he was embarrassed for Miley, maybe because he didn’t want his reaction caught on camera, or maybe because only recently she was still perceived as sweet young star, made famous by the Disney channel.

However, love the performance or hate it, it has definitely got people talking, with more people tweeting about Miley’s performance than they did about the Super bowl. Although this may seem like a good thing, as they say any publicity is good publicity, the majority of the tweets were slating Miley and these tweets weren’t just from regular Twitter users, but also from other celebrities. So let’s take a look:

Kelly Clarkson seemed less than impressed tweeting, “Just saw a couple performances from the VMA’s last night. 2 words…. #pitchstrippers.”

Nick Cannon tweeted “Remind me to never let my kids into showbiz… Thanks”.

Meanwhile, even Robin Thicke’s mum slated Miley, despite Robin performing alongside her during the provocative performance. His mother, Gloria Loring said, “”I don’t understand what Miley Cyrus is trying to do,” she said. “I just keep thinking of her mother and father watching this.”

Ouch! We just hope Miley doesn’t end up going too far. She’s a talented actress and singer, she should let that shine through rather than trying to prove a point!