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So Creamfields is this weekend and Luxe Models decided it would be the perfect time to have a look at the best festival stories, and by best we mean anything from horrible experiences to good ones, the criteria is just that they have to be funny..so let’s go!

Luxe Models

Luxe Models: Creamfields 2012

  1. There was an incident that happened at Leeds Festival, involving a girl now known as ‘poo girl’ (probably the worst nickname to ever have!) This girl went to the toilet, which wasn’t one of the normal portaloos you get at festivals but more of a trench, and it was in this trench that a terrible terrible thing happened. The girl dropped her bag with her phone in down the toilet, which she decided she needed to get out of the poo infested hole, rather than accept defeat and carry on with the day. As she was trying to retrieve her phone she unfortunately got her head stuck in there and later the fire brigade had to be called to rescue her. We hope this didn’t ruin her ‘public toilets at a festival’ experience too much…
  2. Last year Creamfields unfortunately got cancelled early, due to the extreme rain which completely flooded the site. Although the festival only got cancelled to ensure everyone else’s safety people still weren’t happy, especially one guy who told his story to Facebook which got over 11,000 likes! So what was so good about this post? Well basically the guy bought a fake ticket for £170, then had to pay an extra £130 to get in, when he finally got in he had missed all the acts for that day. Not knowing what else to do he decided to set up his tent, which later got drenched, along with all his clothes. Of course, by this point someone had stole his sleeping bag so he was left shivering alone in his tent. This guy gained nothing from the weekend, except a cold and -£440…. We hope this didn’t ruin his festival experience too much lol.
  3. Two girls at Reading Festival decided it would be good idea to run through the crowd completely naked! As if onlookers weren’t shocked enough the two girls then decided to climb on to the stage- something that really got the crowd going. Although you would have thought that this situation could be dealt with quickly, you would be wrong. Because the majority of security guards were it was very hard for them to move the girls, given their lack of clothes. Eventually women security guards got the girls down and surprisingly let them stay for the rest of the festival. All’s well that ends well.