So we’ve all seen Pretty Women, (well about 99.9% of us have anyway…) and I think it would be fair to assume that absolutely everyone would agree with Luxe Models when we say that the women that worked in the shop that denied our favourite fictional prostitute service were absolute *******!!



Nowadays although people still fall victim to stereotypes when they go in to certain stores, subsequently being unsubtly followed around by the security guard, people are very rarely denied service. We are a generation that promotes equality, however, due to the media these days it would be impossible to class our generation as one that doesn’t judge people on looks. For this reason certain people can be made to feel inadequate or segregated, however, this is no reflection on them but only a reflection on the ones judging them.

Oprah Winfrey, one of the richest women in the world, has opened up about an encounter in a Swiss store where the shop attendant refused to show Oprah a bag stating she ‘wouldn’t be able to afford it’. The shop attendant somehow wasn’t aware who Oprah was; however, regardless of the fact that the attendant didn’t know who she was she still assumed she wouldn’t be able to afford it.

The store’s owner defended the situation stating that the attendant would have more likely said that there were also some less expensive bags rather than saying ‘this bag is too expensive for you’. Irrespective of what the store attendant actually said this is a prime example of where judging someone can land you in sticky situations.

It would be stupid to say we should never judge anyone as that is what we all automatically do when we first meet someone, but that doesn’t mean we are thinking bad things. Judging people is the way us, as humans, form friendships and keep ourselves safe. On one hand we are taught to treat everyone as equal- yet we are still advised to keep ourselves to ourselves when walking around at night, ignoring strangers.

Something to remember is that if you have a negative thought or you’re slightly wary of a person have a genuine reason for it and either keep it to yourself or tell only people close to you. Everyone deserves a chance; however, if a person has done something to make you doubt them then just keep your wits about you, but never assume- after all they do say ‘assumption is the mother of  all **** ups’!