Kelly Brook doesn’t do things by halves and like her fuller curvaceous figure she always makes sure her hair is big and has volume too. So how does she achieve this? Luxe Models will tell you! images (2)

Rollers: Rollers do wonders for creating volume and giving you a bouncy, slightly wavey look. The best thing about rollers are they are easy to use and don’t use any heat, keeping your hair in prime condition. To achieve maximum volume 10-12 rollers should be used for people with long, thick hair, (this number can be halved for thinner, shorter hair).

Back combing: Again back combing is essential for creating volume at the top of the head. Back combing is especially important for people with long thick hair, as the hair is pulled down making the hair at the top of the head appear flat. By taking sections and back combing it, applying hairspray as you go, this creates a bigger look over all.

Curlers: If you don’t mind applying heat to your hair then curling it is one of the best ways to achieve volume. Straight hair is meant to be smooth and sleek, whereas curly hair can get away with being big and messy, so embrace those curls!

Whatever look you are going for, curly or straight, remember the key to creating volume is hairspray! Without hairspray you will lose the volume quickly, so apply a generous amount.