As much as we here at Luxe Models love the summer, it does come with the (very slight) downsides. Before you stop reading, we’re not being summer scrooges we’re just talking about the annoying extras that come alongside the nice weather. But fear not, we have a solution to the three major problems, in order for you to stay looking stunning in the sun! 397396361_13cb3ce339

  • Hayfever. We all have either suffered with, or know someone whose suffered with hayfever at some point and therefore know that it can be such a pain (pain was the nicest term and of all the ones thought of). However, if you know the weathers going to be nice and you’ll therefore be spending a lot of time outside make sure you dose up on allergy tablets as early on in the day as possible! This will keep the sneezing and watery eyes down, meaning goodbye red runny nose and watery eyes!
  •  Swap your foundation for concealer (or no face make-up at all). So although I am not slating make-up in any way shape or form, it is simply just not practical to wear the same amount of make-up in the summer as you do in the winter. It will sweat off and leave your face looking really greasy and extra shiny, which no one wants! Simply replace your foundation with a concealer to cover any small blemishes which then still allows for coverage, but also for the skin to breath!
  •  Hair. Now hair can be a nightmare in this weather, especially if it is long and thick. It makes us hot, it’s irritating and therefore we get agitated, not good. People often overlook the ‘up-doo’ thinking instead that having the hair down is a better look. This isn’t necessarily true as having the hair off the face allows for people to see your features more. There are so many different styles you can have, check out some of them on our YouTube Channel.