Yesterday the much anticipated Paris Fashion Week 2013 kicked off, showing the latest in high fashion and unique designs. Luxe Models was particularly excited to see Dior’s latest range. hbujh

Dior wowed onlookers with their latest autumn/winter 2013 collection which consists of silk dresses, tribal graphics and beaded petticoats. Raf Simons, Dior’s artistic director, took inspiration for the line from women all over world, including Europeans, Asians Africans, creating over 50 different looks.

The inspiration behind the looks were obvious but subtly, with the American woman having bold designs, the Asian woman having a more reserved look and the African woman having playful and colourful styles.

Simons became creative director of Dior in 2012, after replacing Bill Gaytten. Since then his first collection for Haute Couture for the autumn-winter range 2012 was well received, with the designer focusing on the 1950s. His latest range is also likely to become a success with it already receiving many positive reviews.

Simons said, “My main aim is to bring a sense of reality back to haute couture. “This collection is about focusing on the reality of the woman herself, including her culture and personality; it is not the reality of just wearing the clothes but how a woman chooses to wear them; the liberation of choice and reflecting who she actually is.”