Cara Delevingne has been tattooed again; that’s twice within so many weeks. This time the supermodel of the moment chose to have her initials inked on the same hand she recently had a lion tattooed (her “roar finger”). Bang Bang, the infamous celebrity tattoo artist, even let Cara undergo the rite of passage that his A-lister friends generally do in tattooing him. Cara and Rita Ora have been parading in front of the paps for the past few months, taking the meaning of BFF to a whole new level. Both stars are tattooed, and somewhat badass it has to be said; Cara was recently seen dropping a mysterious baggie of white powder. Most of the media were keen to point out that no one could clarify what the powder was, but we’re not so sure that Cara was carrying around a tiny portion of icing sugar, if you know what we mean, ahem.

So, Cara is breaking the rules, that much we can see, and, damn, has she got the media’s attention. But what about her actual career… modelling? Aren’t models supposed to avoid having tattoos? Isn’t it sacrilege to get inked when you rely on beautiful skin and a stunning ‘blank canvas’ for designers to work with? Perhaps you are concerned that you have made the decision to pursue a career in modelling but have tattoos that might prevent you from doing so? That’s why we’re here to clear a few things up…

Tattoos aren’t necessarily a bad thing when it comes to modelling. Think of them as an extension of you. Models are picked for certain castings because they have a certain look, there will be something unique about them that fits with the campaign. It could be freckles, it could be a curvier hip, it could be full lips, it could be thin lips. Models all carry with them their own unique attributes, which is the way in which you should view your tattoos.

Some models may not get cast for a campaign because they have tattoos. Some models may not get cast for a campaign because they DON’T have tattoos.

It’s all about the look you have and the look the director wants to go for.

We recommend that if you’re tattooed, you go for tattoo model jobs. Treat your tattoos as something you have and a lot of others don’t; for tattoo model jobs you have a benefit over others, you are not disadvantaged.

However, there may be more jobs that you can’t get due to tattoos than jobs you can, which can be disheartening. The point is, it is not impossible to become a model if you have tattoos, you just have to bare the fact that you have them in mind and work creatively with them.

Until next time…

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