Brrr it’s so cold today that Luxe Models has been forced to put lighter jackets on hold and return to woolly scarves and hats. Britain has gotten back to its usual temperamental fits and shoved the country back a few weeks to the coldest depths of winter. This is not welcome. Here at Luxe Models we were excited to be thinking of (if not quite yet wearing) new summer trends such as soft frills, pastels and florals but, low and behold, we’re back to frosts and blizzards and below zeroes.

Luxe Models does not like this weather-limbo, how do you feel about it? It feels somewhat like we are slipping backwards and not moving forwards with the great leaps and bounds we found in last weekend’s warmth and blossoms.

There is something unnatural about the swings and roundabouts of Britain’s weather and Luxe Models can’t help but feel it is all one giant tease. Just as we’re whipping out our pumps in replacement of boots we’re hit with weather that would leave us with frostbitten toes if we were to wear anything remotely close to pumps.

What’s more, magazines are now all spring, spring, spring, bikinis and sunnies; Luxe Models would like to clarify that it is the weather that is irrelevant, not the mags, thank you very much. We’re over winter; completely, irrevocably and hopelessly over it, and it is with the greatest contempt that we heave back on our duffels and drag bobble hats down over our locks.

This has gotten us thinking that we could really use a break, somewhere hot, somewhere sunny. Where would you like to go to escape this weather-tease? Somewhere that has made its mind up about being warm, and is not going through mood swings, Luxe Models thinks.

Rant over; let us know your winter pet peeves.