Luxe ModelsSo, Luxe Models has created this beautiful blog for anyone interested in modelling, fashion, or who just likes to keep an eye on current trends…

We thought now would be a great time for you to get to know us a little better. Here at Luxe Models, we know that the world of modelling is so much more than just the way you look. It’s about understanding fashion, photography and also about you as a person; you need to be able to engage with your team, travel and cope with the stresses that can accompany a modelling career. That’s why we, Luxe Models, are here; to bridge the gap between your first tentative steps towards modelling and your full acceptance into the industry.

Luxe Models understands that every guy or girl that walks through our doors will have different experience, different expectations and different aspirations. That’s why we bring you the best advice and direction, not just photos and portfolios! Luxe Models treat every person that needs our help as an individual, which is incredibly important as we know that there are many different areas of modelling, some of which will be more suited to you than others and vice versa.

So, what exactly is Luxe Models? We are NOT an agency, that is, we won’t sign you as a model, but we will help you get signed by a great agency in helping you produce an outstanding portfolio. Luxe Models does not find you work, as an agency does, but we do help you acquire the skillset needed to find an agency that will. There’s a lot to accomplish and think about before getting signed by an agency, which is what Luxe Models is here to help you with.

Ok, so enough about us, keep your eyes peeled for the next fashion post on this super cool new Luxe Models Blog.

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