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Luxe Models loves Spring!

So, it’s one of the rare times of year (it generally happens but twice) where a great shift can be felt in the air. This particular shift being the better of said two, as we twist and heave and wriggle our way out of winter into delicious, delectable spring – and not vice versa. Of course, with spring comes a refreshed outlook on fashion. As trees shift their shirts back on (I have already detected the first signs of blossom in my neglected garden), we can start to shed our heavy knits with a definite air of relief, certainly in the Luxe Models office, anyway.

One of the main trends to be detected in these early transitional days is monochrome, which has swept across the catwalks of recent Fashion Weeks, and been featured in fashion mogul mags such as Vogue and Bazaar. Big blocks of black and white, blunt lines and jutting contrasts form a mirage of optical illusion as monochrome checks and stripes spread their way across the horizon of summer wear.

Rodarte has designed a striking black and white silk top that embraces the monochrome vibe, with a dysfunctional black triangle slap bang in the middle of glorious, dazzling white. The trend has transitioned to the high street with ease, being adopted by most popular stores such as River Island, Zara, Topshop, Mango and Newlook. One of our favourite monochrome delights is this block striped crop top from River Island, which would team up with Zara’s similar mini skirt and these round sunglasses from Topshop for an ice-cool look this summer; one that plays with 60s throwbacks, but has a modern attitude to boot.

So if you are unsure as to how to approach your early spring buys, this is a great starting point. Pair black and white checked pants with plain white Ts, and keep an eye out for flattering stripes. On that note we will leave you to ponder the oncoming pinks, greens and blues of spring, which will sit as backdrop to a stunning monochrome display.